Friday, April 2, 2010

"The mighty E" excerpt from Laurie Lindeen's "Petal Pusher"

"I wish you could strap on an electric guitar right now.Place your left index finger on the 4th string up from the bottom on the 1st fret. Now place your middle finger on the 3rd string and wedge your ring finger next to it,on the 2cnd fret,one down from the top. Now,bend your right arm and pull that hand up to your shoulder while pinching a guitar pick between your right thumb and forefingers. Don't move your left hand out of position as you swing back your right.
Release your right hand across the strings,strumming,down up,down up, all the while shimmying your right shoulder to the beat,any beat.Your right hipbone might help out by banging against the body of the guitar while you do this. Let it."
"...Nothing in the world feels better than letting a big E chord rip."
Laurie Lindeen from "Petal Pushers"

She's right. It's powerful. On an acoustic or an electric. ( for an electric I think it's effect is truly magnified when "ripped" on a SG through a very,very loud amp.
More to come on gear...