Thursday, May 27, 2010

Showing up

I want to jump ahead. Get our feet wet before we go back to basics. Basics being what kind of instrument will you be using, amps etc.
I want you to know how to hold your own in the face of ....the sound person. The question first asked," what is your set up"? Ok, this is can be the easiest
and concise answer. Follow me here...
how many vocal mics do you need and where are they? (Is the drummer singing? Will you have a backup singer for one song? I always play it safe with an extra mic in front for any surprise guests.)
"2 across the front and one for the keyboard player"
"What about guitars?"
Means how many mics for amps needed? If someone is playing an acoustic guitar or fiddle/mando/banjo will they need a D.I. ( Direct input box;more to come with better description? )
Personally in my group it's 3 amp mics.
"3 amp mics across the front. " Soundman looks at my acoustic and assumes I also need D.I. "I run my acoustic through my amp."Sounds like shit but less feedback. Keep my mix down in the mains"
"Bass" usually will be run off a D.I. off their amp.

Easy enough? Here's where most fail. Too much information. "well, usually so and so does this but he had to do that so we will do it this way...." Guess what? They don't care. Most likely there's a 7 minute crossover. And 3 more band s can't wait to get up and play as well.
Keep it simple be articulate and lay off being precious.
Oh first thing, is first...introduce your self and learn their name.
I will be posting an interview with a local sound man very soon. I think it will be helpful for all of his to hear his side.
Then let's go back to the basics and talk gear. Yum!
Until then, turn it up and make mistakes.


  1. haha! lay off being precious. :)

    i just linked up to your blog. creot will love this...

  2. solid advice. also, thank the sound guy after your set. if it was great, say so. if it wasn't, thank him/her anyway. don't be catty. if you're not gushing, they'll get the message.

    regarding stage setup, i like to say, "it's simple," but first i make sure that it is. then everybody wins!

  3. i like to wear a really skanky outfit and then ask the sound guy if he can adjust the boom on my mic stand.